Top 10 River Rafting Destinations in Rishikesh

Shivpuri:*Adventure Begins! Known for its Grade III and IV rapids, Shivpuri is a popular starting point for river rafting in Rishikesh

Marine Drive:*Serene Beauty, Thrilling Adventure! The Marine Drive stretch offers a perfect blend of picturesque landscapes and challenging rapids

Kaudiyala:*Conquer the Rapids! Kaudiyala is famous for its Grade IV rapids, making it a preferred spot for experienced rafters 

Byasi:*Rapids and Riverside Bliss! Byasi is known for its stunning riverside camps and exciting rapids 

Brahmpuri:*Family-Friendly Rafting! Ideal for beginners and families, Brahmpuri offers a gentle introduction to river rafting 

Rishikesh Town Run:*Urban Adventure! The Town Run in Rishikesh is perfect for those looking to experience river rafting without venturing too far from the city 

Golf Course Rapid:*Challenge Accepted! Named after the golf course nearby, this rapid is a thrilling ride with its twists and turns 

Double Trouble:*Double the Fun! True to its name, Double Trouble presents a challenge with its two consecutive rapids 

Crossfire Rapid:*Adrenaline Junction! Crossfire Rapid lives up to its name, providing an intense and thrilling rafting experience 

Three Blind Mice:*Thrills and Spills! The Three Blind Mice rapids offer a series of challenging maneuvers, keeping rafters on their toes