Top 5 Educational University in Uttarakhand: Admission Conditions and FAQs

1. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)

Admission Conditions:

  • Offers diverse programs in engineering, business, law, and more.
  • Admissions based on merit, national entrance exams, and interviews.
  • Specific eligibility criteria for each course; check the official website for details.

Address: University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, P.O. Bidholi Via-Prem Nagar, Dehradun – 248007, Uttarakhand, India.


  • UPES boasts experienced faculties in various fields such as engineering, business, law, design, and more.
  • Faculty members often have industry expertise, providing students with practical insights.
  • The university promotes a student-centric approach to education.

Hostel and Mess Services:

  • UPES provides well-equipped hostels with separate facilities for boys and girls.
  • The hostels offer a secure and comfortable environment, with 24/7 security.
  • Mess services include nutritious and hygienic meals, catering to diverse culinary preferences.
  • Common rooms, recreational facilities, and study areas contribute to a holistic hostel experience.

FAQ: Q1: What are the popular courses at UPES? A1: UPES is renowned for its programs in petroleum engineering, energy studies, business management, and law.

Q2: Are there scholarships available for students? A2: Yes, UPES offers various scholarships based on academic performance, achievements, and specific criteria outlined on their website.

2. Graphic Era University

Admission Conditions:

  • Offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Admissions based on national entrance exams or the university’s entrance test.
  • Eligibility criteria vary for each program; detailed information is available on the university’s official website.

Address: Graphic Era University, 566/6, Bell Road, Clement Town, Dehradun – 248002, Uttarakhand, India.


  • Graphic Era University has distinguished faculties across engineering, management, computer applications, humanities, and more.
  • Faculty members actively engage in research, contributing to the academic vibrancy.
  • The university focuses on an interactive teaching methodology.

Hostel and Mess Services:

  • The university provides well-maintained hostels with modern amenities.
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls ensure a secure living environment.
  • Mess services offer a variety of cuisines, catering to different tastes and dietary requirements.
  • Hostel facilities include recreation rooms, gymnasiums, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

FAQ: Q1: Can international students apply to Graphic Era University? A1: Yes, international students are welcome, and the university provides specific admission guidelines for them.

Q2: Is there a hostel facility on campus? A2: Yes, Graphic Era University provides hostel accommodation with modern amenities for students.

3. Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University (HNBGU)

Admission Conditions:

  • Offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs.
  • Admissions based on entrance exams conducted by the university.
  • Eligibility criteria differ for each course; refer to the university’s official admission brochure for detailed information.

Address: Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Srinagar – 246174, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India.


  • HNBGU has faculties covering a wide spectrum of disciplines, including arts, science, commerce, and law.
  • The faculties are engaged in research and academic collaborations.
  • The university encourages an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Hostel and Mess Services:

  • Hostel facilities are available for students, with separate accommodations for males and females.
  • Mess services provide nutritious meals, and hostel amenities include common rooms and Wi-Fi.
  • The university ensures a conducive living and learning environment within the hostels.

FAQ: Q1: How can I apply for a Ph.D. program at HNBGU? A1: The application process for Ph.D. programs includes an entrance exam and an interview. Check the university’s research portal for specific details.

Q2: Are there distance education programs available? A2: Yes, HNBGU offers various courses through its Directorate of Distance Education.

4. Doon University

Admission Conditions:

  • Offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.
  • Admissions based on the university’s entrance exams and national-level exams for certain courses.
  • Detailed eligibility criteria and admission process available on the official website.

Address: Doon University, Motharawala Road, Kedarpur, P.O. Ajabpur, Dehradun – 248012, Uttarakhand, India.


  • Doon University prides itself on faculties dedicated to arts, social sciences, management, and environmental studies.
  • Faculties actively participate in research, contributing to the university’s academic excellence.
  • The university emphasizes a learner-centric and research-oriented approach.

Hostel and Mess Services:

  • Doon University offers hostel facilities with a focus on creating a comfortable and secure living environment.
  • Mess services provide a variety of cuisines to cater to the diverse student population.
  • Common areas, recreational spaces, and sports facilities enhance the overall hostel experience.

FAQ: Q1: What makes Doon University unique? A1: Doon University is known for its interdisciplinary approach to education, encouraging research and innovation.

Q2: Are there exchange programs for students? A2: Yes, Doon University facilitates exchange programs with various national and international institutions.

5. Kumaun University

Admission Conditions:

  • Offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs across disciplines.
  • Admissions based on entrance exams conducted by the university.
  • Eligibility criteria vary for each course; refer to the university’s official admission brochure for details.

Address: Kumaun University, Sleepy Hollow, Nainital – 263001, Uttarakhand, India.


  • Kumaun University has faculties covering a wide range of subjects, including science, arts, commerce, and law.
  • Faculty members engage in research, fostering a culture of academic inquiry.
  • The university encourages student-faculty collaboration and interaction.

Hostel and Mess Services:

  • The university provides hostel accommodations for students, ensuring a safe and conducive living environment.
  • Mess services offer balanced and nutritious meals to cater to student dietary needs.
  • Hostel facilities include common rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, and recreational areas.

FAQ: Q1: How is the research culture at Kumaun University? A1: Kumaun University emphasizes research, and its faculties are actively engaged in various research projects.

Q2: Are there scholarships for economically disadvantaged students? A2: Yes, Kumaun University provides scholarships and financial aid to eligible students based on specific criteria.

Explore the educational opportunities in Uttarakhand, considering the admission conditions and frequently asked questions to make informed decisions for your academic journey.


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