Dubai’s Etisalat Academy Glows with the Essence of Diwali

Dubai’s Etisalat Academy Glows with the Essence of Diwali

The Festival of Lights, Diwali, illuminated the iconic Etisalat Academy in Dubai, casting a vibrant spectacle of lights and colors as Friends of India (FOI) hosted the grand Deepavali Utsav 2023. Sponsored by Servo and Indian Oil, the event drew over 10,000 attendees, primarily families, all uniting under the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Over the past decade, the Deepavali Utsav celebrations in UAE have grown in stature, and this year’s event exceeded all previous editions. The central theme, “Unity in Diversity,” epitomized India’s cultural richness and received support from the Consulate General of India, with title sponsorship by Servo, India’s leading lubricant brand from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Consul General of India, Satish Kumar Sivan, inaugurated the event, along with S. Venkatesh and Viswajith N Nambiar from FOI. Bollywood actress John Abraham, and the musical maestro, Stephen Devassy, also graced the occasion.

A Celebration of Cultural Tapestry

Deepavali Utsav has become a hallmark event in the UAE, drawing a growing crowd of Indian expatriates and enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Indian culture and traditions. This year’s event surpassed all expectations, showcasing the vibrant diversity of India through a captivating blend of performances, traditional games, and culinary delights.

Star Power and Cultural Excellence

The event was graced by the presence of Indian Consul General Satish Kumar Sivan, along with FOI representatives S. Venkatesh and Viswajith N Nambiar. Bollywood actor John Abraham, renowned for his action-packed roles, added star power to the celebrations, further enhancing the event’s appeal.

Servo Lubricants Launch and Melodic Delights

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, represented by Star Brand Ambassador John Abraham, launched two premium Servo Lubricants, specially formulated for the Middle East market. The event also featured a captivating array of live performances by renowned artists from various Indian languages, showcasing the country’s rich musical heritage.

Traditional Dances and a Culinary Journey

Traditional Indian games and folk dance performances from over 15 Indian states added to the vibrant atmosphere. Food stalls offered a culinary journey across India, with an enticing array of flavors and aromas, transporting the taste buds to the heart of India’s culinary traditions.

FOI Servo Deepavali Utsav: A Celebration of Unity and Diversity

The FOI Servo Deepavali Utsav 2023 was a resounding success, embodying India’s cultural diversity and celebrating the spirit of unity in diversity. The event left an indelible mark on all who attended, transporting them to the heart of India’s vibrant traditions and warm hospitality.

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